Christine the Hungry Ghost – final?

Its now August 2016 so quite a while since I wrote about Christine the Hungry Ghost. She isnt so hungry anymore as she has a clear 30K a year from my fathers pension, tax free for life coming in. But she does have housing expenses to pay.

She was claiming the right to live rent free in my fathers house for the rest of her life. The trustees were complacent but I was furious.

In August last year (2015) the trustees and Christine met at mediation/arbitration. I wanted them to take her to court, but they wouldnt do it. Criminal court because she had robbed us all blind, but they told me I could take her to court on it civil court. But knowing I had no money this wasnt going to happen unless I sold the roof over my head to do it. And they knew it.

The result of the mediation was that the trustees of my Dads will agreed to pay Christine 50K to get out of “our” house. On the understanding that they would not seek to prosecute her for stealing his cheques and robbing his bank account. The theft I have evidence of it 110K. So no doubt the tip of the iceberg as she isn’t that blatant.

They didnt ask me if I agreed, they didnt ask me if I minded giving her another 50K. Bearing in mind that Dads money was supposed to go more or less 50/50 to my sister and I. My sister? Constantly unavailable for comment due to prior arrangements with Mr Carlsberg, Lithium etc.

Feeling powerless is the worst feeling I have ever had in my life.

I think from that judgement on I just gave up. I had fought tooth and nail to have justice, but even the people supposedly on my side were happily pahying off the enemy, the thief. And all the while maybe helping themselves. As still I had not managed to get the trustees to issue me with any accounts of trustee expenses. And this was year two of the trust fund.

So, my Dad had died in October 2013 and by September 2015 I had no clue as to exactly how much he left or what was left after expenses.

So I pushed and pushed them and they said “we are no longer willing to be your Trustees”, we must resign. I was so pleased until the next day when they realised what they had done and sent me another missive saying I must leave…..

But I cant resign as beneficiary of a trust set up with my name on it. So they realised they had to retract (March 2015) and began to create another way of keeping me happy while bleeding the trust fund for themselves year on year without my scrutiny of their accounts (they can dream on).

Needless to say, with some glee I had accepted their resignation directly. So they had to back-track a little bit. Nothing I could do but smile at that point.

Then the serious bit. Having got Christine out of the house (September 2015) the Trustees obviously took a long hard break from attending to our trust fund and only six months later, in February this year (2016) did they raise the issue with me. “Do you want the house or do we sell it?”

Being completely innocent of these games, and not wanting the house (and all the bad memories) I said sell it. I then get an email from Duncan Rann a week later saying he has a buyer for 250K for the house. Am I agreeing to sell it for that? I said no, its too cheap, its worth more than that.

I rang Chris Clubley the local estate agent who sold the house to Dad back only in 2012 and asked him what he thought, he said 275K and maybe more. I said would he put that in writing? Two days later I had it in writing and blocked the sale effectively. The trustees were not at all happy but their reaction was “if you think you can get more for it, have it yourself and sell it”. But they argued that a quick sale was good (they had sat on it for six months) and I was unrealistic.

To enable them to do this they had to cut me out of the Trust Fund. But as they couldn’t without resigning, they set me up my own secondary Trust Fund. For it to be legal I had to get someone else to be my co trustee. Of my own trust fund. What a whole lot of bloody nonsense.

Dad had wanted to sack them as his lawyers before he died. They set up their own law firm hived off from the Law firm he had trusted all his life on the basis of what they would get from his account alone. I kid you not. My sister is their account number 1 and I am account number 2.


So I tell them it is not enough for the house and they say, OK do you want the house? Can you do better than 250K? And I said yes, bring it on. I met six estate agents at the house and chose one. Within six days on the market for 310K it was sold for 295K.

I rest my case about their incompetancy.

As to christine the hungry ghost?

When I had to go to my Dads house in order to meet estate agents and get it on the market I met the neighbours. Who were only too happy to tell me that she had men visiting while Dad was still there. Dad was incapacitated during his last year. It is hidious to imagine a woman bringing other men into his house, his home while he is ill and cant fight back or object or tomorrow he might not get fed at all by her. This is what she did.

While she had his PIN number and emptied his bank account and swanned around in her fancy negligee the neighbours were watching and appalled. Who csan blame them? They knew Hugh was in there, they knew it was his house and they could see her welcoming men she had met on the internet into his house before he was even dead.

It takes a lot to make me feel outraged. But who wouldn’t be?

So, I sold his house for a lot more than the trustees would have. I hate to think that nepotism was involved in their cheap sale…………….


So now I am spending the money. And still trying to find a solicitor to handle bringing them to ACCOUNT.

And I might have found one. Wish me luck!

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